Month: February 2015

February 19th, “Pavement”

Choreographed by Kyle Abraham

Abraham doesn’t let us off that easy and I’m glad.

I was captivated.  The technical precision and freshness of form was divine. And then there was the music, Bach and Vivaldi – I didn’t see that coming and it was treat.  I felt a sense of deep satisfaction in the bringing together of classical rhythm and Abraham’s hip hop aesthetic. The dance told a history and asked questions about our present moment.  This is a present struggling to make sense of what has happened to our streets and the “law and order” that keeps repeating.


January 30th, “the why ask why we dance dance”

Presented by Scott Wells & Dancers

“mimesis is how we dance”

The embodiment of word play.

Artful partnering.

A game of telephone.

But what really got me was hearing the word mimesis – this was a dance about mimesis and the play that is often a result of that kind of copying/repetition.   It was a thoughtful delight/a reflection on the beauty of dance to keep us repeating differently.