Month: December 2015

December, 13th “Peter and the Wolf”

San Francisco Youth Symphony

Last performance of the year.

It wasn’t a dance, but I thought it important to reflect on the last performance I attended in 2015.  I took Alice, along with Rich and N.  Perhaps a new holiday tradition.  She really wanted to stay for the sing-a-long at the end, but she hit her 3yr old limit (and there was just too much Nutcracker).

It seemed fitting to end the year in the company of loved ones.  Sharing the wonder of the theater – dance, music, or otherwise – is special.  I have such fond memories of seeing Pilobolus Dance Theater and hearing the Handel’s Messiah as a kid.  As much as people claim the ephemerality of dance and performance, I contend that there  can be a residue, something that sticks over time.

So now what?

More, of course.



December 11th, “15 Years of Gravity”

Choreographed by Jess Curtis with conspirators Claire Cunningham (Scotland) and Jörg Müller (France).

There was talking to the audience, thank you Jess Curtis.

I had a hard time finding time to write this response so this might be a bit scattered.   I wasn’t worried about the chairs scattered over the performance space (reminded me of a William Forsythe piece I saw in Dresden Germany in 2011).  And I wasn’t worried about participating in the perspective “game” during  The Way You Look (at me) Tonight.  I did get worried when I read that the running time for Performance Research Experiment #1 was “totally up to you.”  This piece was about engagement.  The audience was asked to participate by verbally acknowledging when they became less engaged by the different sequences of virtuosity – interesting!   I question whether these sequences were really virtuosic (throwing balls from behind a curtain?).  Unfortunately, the audience turned the experiment into a game, and I quickly became irritated.   I didn’t need to see the excerpt from The Dance that Documents Itself, but loved the “dancing” in Mobile and the lovely singing by Cunningham at the very end.  It was a beautiful ending, and I didn’t mind staying out later than normal.