October 29th, “Fact/SF JuMP”

Choreography by Charles Slender-White and Lauren Simpson and Jenny Stulberg

I went to see Still Life No. 3 (Lauren Simpson and Jenny Stulberg).  A surprise! I think it was intended to be so:

“This is the third work in a developing series of dances exploring gesture, speed, scale, and unison.  There is no hidden meaning, symbols, or storyline, but if you see any of those things, we like that, too.”

The “music” was live sound recordings from the corner of 17th St. and Shotwell, and the dancers mostly faced away from the audience.  It was smart.  There was wit.  I kept trying to figure out what the “still life” was – the street? urban life?   Are we all too still even in the midst of city motion?  I enjoyed the starkness and the tinkering within it.  I wish I could see Still Life #2.

(I also sat through Spread Thin by Charles Slender-White. For the record, it’s always ok to leave at intermission)


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