July 9th, “Bestiarium”

Choreographed by  Paige Starling Sorvillo and Violeta Luna with sound by Evelyn Ficarra

“It must be hot in those masks” (yes, I did say that during the Q & A).

It took some convincing, but I ended up really liking “Beastiarium (or a conversation on Empire and Multitude),” a “new work in progress.”  The movement from animal headed bodies (unicorn and rat) to naked humans was thoughtful and layered.  The excess and multitude on display in the dance was palpable, I felt it.  The dancers moved like animals, and like humans – they resided very much in between forms, identities,  genders, and attitudes.  It was odd, but an odd that was trying to say something about the present human condition that is both funny and disturbing.


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